With a global mindset and exquisite aesthetic, ILIO SMERALDO presents its second collection in collaboration with a powerful team of creators, fashion insiders, and influencers. A group that thrives in diversity, giving voice to creators with different backgrounds, styles, and stories.

As the new team of creatives takes shape, Ilio Smeraldo is proud to collaborate with strong personalities that live up to the values that inspire and guide the brand. Each creator is a spokesman for such values and a precious addition to the group of fashion professionals, artists, influencers, and advocates we so passionately built.


Our shoes are crafted in Tuscany by local artisans,  every single piece is handmade with care using Italian leather and locally sourced materials. We are proud to pursue the ancient Florentine tradition, ensuring quality and uniqueness. 


As 'smeraldo' in Italian means emerald, the sole of every shoes is enriched by an emerald. A special detail that becomes Ilio Smeraldo's unique signature.